Facial Peels

The Obagi Blue Peel uses Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) as the active ingredient mixed with the patented Blue Base from Obagi.
Using a low concentration of chemical Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) mixed with a special blue base the Obagi Blue Peel allows the Doctor to regulate the depth of the peel and remove surface layers of aged and damaged skin.
  • Number of visits
  • 1 to 2
  • Prices from
  • £390
These dead cells are replaced by healthier ones, allowing the skin`s own clarity and tightness to resurface.

The blue-peel treatment can be performed on both facial and non-facial areas, including the neck, chest, hands, back, arms and legs, i.e. anywhere that one has marked or damaged skin.

According to the manufacturers of obagi, treatment with Obagi products and the blue peel result in:

  • Diminishing of fine facial lines and wrinkles
  • The generation of a balanced, even skin tone
  • Reduction of hyper pigmentation and age spots
  • Improvement in skin elasticity
  • Normalisation of oil production
  • Blemish correction
  • Treatment of active acne
  • Correction of acne scars
  • Improvement in the skin’s ability to hold moisture
  • Increase in the skin’s defence to external factors