About Us

Cosmo Clinic was established in February 1996 by Dr Kevin Zadshir.
Cosmo Dental & Facial Clinic is a state-of-the-art clinic  stablished in 1996 by Dr Kevin Zadshir. He has transformed the traditional way of dentistry and facial cosmetic  into an exciting and comfortable experience for his patients.
The aim of Cosmo Clinic is to change the way dentistry and full facial cosmetic has been perceived and this has been achieved through setting up a new dental and facial cosmetic concept.

This covers all aspects of facial procedures, including skin revitalisation, dermal fillers, lip augmentation and microdermabrasion, as well as dental procedures including invisible braces, dental implants,teeth whitening, application of veneers, bridges and crowns.

This combination of procedures provides an incredible enhancement and transformation of the entire face. This concept was first introduced in 2003 at the grand opening of the Cosmo Dental & Facial Clinic in London.